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We strive to shore up a massive PANS healthcare database that researchers can harvest again and again to have a holistic view of your child's medical history.

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Flaredown Symptom Tracker

FlareDown was created by patients for patients to help monitor individuals' chronic illness experience.

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Patient Registry

Why are we striving to build the largest patient repository on PANS outside of the university clinics?

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Flaredown Symptom Tracker

PRAI is asking families to track PANS/PANDAS symptoms to find out which treatments work and which don't. Without data, it's just our opinion.

If we want to know if antibiotics, diet modification, supplements/herbal remedies, IVIG work, we need to track it. Don't you want to know if anti-inflammatory diets work? Can Homotaurine actually be an effective treatment for PANS? Does the full moon really cause flares in our kids? Why is IVIG a miracle drug for some and ineffective for others? Help us answer these important questions.

The Flaredown app is easy to use. And the data can be uploaded anonymously in just a few months for analysis.

Here's how it works

1. Go to www.FlareDown.com

2. Enter YOUR birthdate. Not your child's.

3. And on your home computer, enter the following symptoms.

Note: It's REALLY important you enter ALL the symptoms your child experiences from the list below the first time you register. Otherwise, you'll have to enter symptoms manually every day which will take a lot of unnecessary time. If you feel confident your child doesn't have that symptom and won't, simply don't add it.

To help us analyze the data effectively, please use the following symptoms exactly as written.

Oppositional Defiance
Vocal tics
Motor Tics
Emotional lability
Muscle/Joint pain
Standing on head
Early waking
Selective Mutism/Aphasia
Enlarged pupils
Bumps on skin

Baby talk
Tooth pain
Stomach Pain
Nasal congestion
Heat/Cold Intolerance
Dark Circles Under Eyes
Vocal Changes
Sore throat
Stretch Marks
Pale skin

Nose bleeds
Tactile sensory sensitivity
Auditory sensory sensitivity
Visual sensory sensitivity
Smell sensory sensitivity
Excessive Talking
Food Refusal
Brain Fog
Urinary Pain
Urinary Accidents
Not Waking easily
Decreased Grooming

4. Click on the CIRCLE FD (can you pull this image, Patrick?) in the top left hand of your screen and enter ZIP CODE under weather. This is an important step for tracking how the weather may be effecting our children's symptoms.

5. Feel free to write anything you'd like to note in the JOURNAL section on that page. For example: "Sibling had strep" or "stress at school"

6. Enter what treatments you currently use or plan to use including dosage. We'd love for you to also add supplements, alternative therapies and diet modification to best track what's working and what's not. This will be a great way to stop the guessing game for your own family as well.

7. For now, just keeping logging this data until the registry is complete, then we'll share exact instructions on how to upload the Flaredown data you've generated over the last few months to the registry so we can get to work on the analysis.

Have Questions? Email us! registry@praikids.org so we can help!

Thank you for helping us find answers for pediatric neuroimmune disorders!

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