What is the PRAI for 500k campaign?

PRAI is asking PANS & PANDAS families across the country who are willing and able to consider getting involved in our PRAI for 500k Campaign by committing to raise 1k for PRAI and walking virtually in your community either alone or with your local PANS support group. Or hosting another event under the 1k model.

We will provide families with all the necessary support and fundraising tools to ensure you're successful in achieving your goal and if necessary, we'll gladly hold your hand every step of the way.

Our 500k campaign will go towards establishing the necessary infrastructure to support innovative patient-centered research projects and provide seed money for rock star scientists to do great work.

What type of research will PRAI fund?

PRAI is working on 2 tracks:


In 2019, we are bringing the best researchers from around the world together for a scientific think tank. Each one with differing perspectives and backgrounds. In our 3-5 year plan, PRAI will work towards getting those projects funded through major donor campaigns & advocating for research funds at the National Institute of Health.

The majority of our projects will go through an RFP process where scientists can request funds annually through our grant program. Priority will be given to researchers with proposals aimed at understanding mechanisms in PANS that can quickly translate to treatments based on other diseases of like nature. Until we know what is happening to our kids, we can’t treat it to the best of our ability. For instance, we know that for many kids IVIG works, but we don’t know why and we don’t know why for so many of our children IVIG fails to be effective.

We will lean heavily on the community and our scientific advisors to decide which projects to fund. It can’t be just one or the other. It has to be both. After our Spring meeting, we hope that fruitful discussion and scientific debate and brainstorming how to bring our cause forward will lay the ground work for future projects and how to prioritize our funding.

Until then, we’re looking at the work of Dr. Madeline Cunningham and microbiome, Dr. Betsey Mullins & Dr. Jenny Frankovich and monocytes, Dr. Peter Jarrard, Dr. John Luken, Dr. Richard Frye, Dr. Russell Dale, Dr. Alessio Fasano, Dr. Beth Stevens and innate immunity, Dr. Christina Wells and Mincle and Stem Cells, Dr Theo and Mast Cell activation. But this is by no means an exhaustive list.


The PANS community can provide the above research team with data and samples to aid in their scientific discovery and help in the creation of a research road map. By offering patient-reported environmental and medical information we can give researchers unique insights that they may not necessary get inside a PANS clinic.

With biological samples and patient-centered data, we can offer young innovators and citizen scientists who lack the necessary funding the opportunity to investigate PANS on a small budget. We can work collaboratively with labs to help design studies. This will allow us to investigate the areas that families find critical to finding answers for our children. And focus on a more multi-omics type approach.

Ultimately, by being true partners with the scientific community, we can help them do their jobs by offering them funding, data, and samples which will accelerate discovery for these illnesses.

Why is PRAI working towards a patient-centered research model?

When we saw this amazing Ted Talk, by Sharon Terry, CEO and Founder of Genetic Alliance, we were so inspired, we knew this was what the PANS community so desperately needed. We needed our power back and our voice to be heard.

PRAI believes that families have unique insight that will contribute to more targeted research and increase our understanding of neuroimmune illnesses. By sharing medical and environmental data and providing biological samples through an anonymous open-source model under Genetic Alliance, we can allow families the ability to shape their own healthcare by providing the infrastructure for true collaboration between the scientific and patient community.

How will we know the samples in the biobank can be trusted?

The Genetic Alliance biobank is supported by a strict IRB process. Samples are currently being used by the top 10 pharma companies and several Ivy League university labs. In collaboration with the registry, researchers will also be able to pair medical data with the samples provided to do more targeted precision medicine studies and identify sub-groups within the PANS population.

Who own's our data and samples?

You do. With this innovative patient-centered model, each participant will own their own data and biological samples and have the opportunity to share it with whomever they wish, whenever they wish. Long gone are the days where drug companies and academia alone drive the research agenda. The power can now be in the hands of the people. And we think that's exactly where it belongs.

What's PRAI's involvement?

PRAI wants to serve as a link between families and researchers making this innovative resource available to ultimately transform the health of our children.

Together, with our children’s interest at the forefront, PRAI can be directly involved in promoting scientific innovation and more rapid and efficient progression of research in collaboration with our community. By providing the necessary crowdfunding tools and engaging a broad volunteer base we will prioritize the research projects PANS families want to see happen. PRAI will work towards continuing to build relationships with the scientific community to encourage their involvement and make this vision a reality.

But as candidly as possible, we can't do this without your help. There's no top heavy organization here. PRAI is the PANS community. It's up to us. All of us. That's what the PRAI for 500k campaign is all about.

We need 500 parents to commit to raising $1,000 each by the end of October in celebration of PANS awareness day so we can make this dream a reality. If you don't think you can raise $1,000, that's ok! Every dollar gets us closer to our goal. And don't forget, every net dollar raised in our virtual campaign goes 100% towards these research programs.

Do we want to see studies regarding Mast Cell Activation, Lyme, Genomics, Diet? Do we want to investigate specific strains of strep or create a heat map of environmental exposures in the PANS communities most populated areas? Then WE can raise the money, provide the data and biological samples, recruit the researchers, and get it done.

Learn more about Genetic Alliance’s Biotrust Join the Campaign for a Cure

What’s PRAI’s history funding research?

Last year, with your amazing help, we raised $150,000 for PANS/PANDAS research in just 3 states in less than 90 days. We believe with national participation by motivated families, we can change the landscape as it exists today.

You can learn more about what last year's PRAI for 100k donations went to support by watching this video thanking our amazing donors.