Today, 1 in 5 children suffer a severe mental impairment and very few are ever evaluated for immune-mediated inflammatory brain diseases. We exist to spread awareness of neuroimmune disorders, advocate for quality patient care, and support data-driven research that will ultimately lead to effective treatments and cures for these disorders.

To accomplish this, PRAI raises and deploys donations to educate physicians and clinicians, fund groundbreaking scientific studies, enable parents to contribute to the scientific process through registering information in data repositories for trend analysis and engaging in pilot projects through patient-centered research initiatives.

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How is Our Research Approach Different?

As an organization that was founded by the families of children suffering from neuroimmune disorders, we are familiar with the struggle of receiving care and better acquainted with the illness than even the best scientists around. We believe that makes us the perfect candidates to have a seat at the research table along side brave, innovative, world-class scientists.

We believe the first step in conquering chronic systemic inflammatory conditions must be to start by having honest conversations about what are the main culprits in our modern environment ushering in the rapid rise of these illnesses. Then, we will can partner with scientists and clinicians who aren't afraid to abandon the one size fits all approach to addressing these complex diseases.

PRAI melds the immeasurable devotion of caring, educated parents with the kind of cutting-edge scientists who continually make headlines. We believe this combination will enable us to lead the discussion and advancements in treatment.

We know our children don’t have years to wait for a cure to be found — so we prioritize funding faster scientific methods that will pioneer discovery and drive results, including data science, molecular medicine, genetics and collaborative multi-center basic and translational research studies.

Accomplishments and Looking Ahead.

In our short history, PRAI has raised over $450,000 towards our life saving mission, paved the way for 3 major medical hospitals to building treatment centers, invited 18,000 physicians to CME lectures on PANS and have made considerable progress toward a national research advisory group. We were also proud to be able to gift our first seed grant to Stanford University PANS Clinic.

How You Can Help.

We warmly invite you to join us in this critical fight so that families may be spared from the pain and confusion of trying to find care for disorders that are poorly understood by many pediatricians, not widely accepted by insurance, and often diagnosed way too late. Donate or volunteer today to be a part of the change.

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